Admission Criteria & Fees

Qualifications for Admission:

  • To qualify for admission to the Supreme Court of the United States, an applicant must have been admitted to practice in the highest court of a State, Commonwealth, Territory or Possession, or the District of Columbia for a period of at least three years immediately before the date of application. 

Certificates of Good Standing:

An original Certificates of Good Standing from the highest court of a state is required by the United States Supreme Court for admission.  To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing (you will need one original), contact the clerk of the highest court in the state in which you were admitted. Attorneys admitted in New York should contact the clerk of the department in which they were admitted. Allow three weeks for the delivery of Certificates. Certificates must be dated within one year of the date of admission. 

Admissions Fees:

  • U.S. Supreme Court - $200 

Registration Fees: 

These fees includes the cost of food – evening reception, continental breakfast at the U.S. Supreme Court and bus transportation from the hotel to the court.

  • Registration Fee - $150 
  • Guest Registration Fee - $150
  • Children 6-12 years - $50 

Court Applications:

The Law Center must receive completed court application and original Certificate of Good Standing at least seven weeks prior to admission date. 

U.S. Supreme Court Rules:

It is a rule of the U.S. Supreme Court that only one guest per applicant will be allowed into the courtroom to observe the ceremony. This policy is strictly enforced. Absolutely no cameras allowed during the ceremony. Children under six years of age will not be permitted into the courtroom.